Thursday, November 10, 2011

ALERT!!! Carjacking on the corner of Nash Street and Pope St

At approximately 8:00 am on Thursday morning, November 10, our neighbor, Robin Morrison was carjacked by two young men, one with a hood and the other driving a red car, possibly a Honda. Mrs. Morrison was not severely hurt, however, they were able to take her car, a black Lexus 350 GS. The police were called and they responded within minutes.

Our community has apparently been targeted and perpetrators have become brazen with their total lack concern about being apprehended. We need to be doubly vigilant in the future regarding folks entering and perusing our neighborhood. Clearly, we have a beautiful neighborhood and it is rapidly becoming a favored location because of our history of low crime. However, let's start to write down some of the license plates of cars driving slowly in our neighborhood and pay closer attention to the description of the drivers. This incident follows up on the recent robbery on the 3300 block of Highwood, SE, in October of this year.

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