Friday, October 21, 2011

Increase in Burglaries Reported in Hillcrest, Penn Branch and Naylor Gardens (PSA 606)

From: "Hodge, Mark (MPD)" <>
Date: October 18, 2011 5:29:07 PM EDT
To: "''" <>
Subject: [MPD-6D] Burglaries
Hello community,

PSA 606, has experienced an increase in Burglaries primarily in the Hill crest and Naylor Gardens communities.

Suspects have targeted homes that have window air condition units and have gained entry into them by pushing the air conditions units in.

Suspects have also gained entry into homes through unsecured bottom level windows.

The Sixth District Detectives office and patrol officers are investigating these Burglaries
and are aggressively pursuing all leads.

The suspects are Juveniles working in tantrum and are casing the community during school hours.

Sixth Districts truancy and patrol units are in the area, and are monitoring and aggressively patrolling the affected communities.

I ask for assistance in abating these crimes, by ensuring that all windows and doors to your homes are secure, placing bars or a screen around your air condition units that is located on the first level of your home, and by notifying officers deployed in your community of any suspicious activity and persons and of information relative to these offenses.

Thank you and remain safe.

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