Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bulb Plantings for Spring Blooms

Fall is here and it’s time to start thinking about what, if you haven’t already, will bloom in spring. This is a great time to prepare your garden beds, select your crocus, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, camassia, snowdrops, iris, paperwhite narcissus and amaryllis for beautiful blooms in the spring. While we're on the topic of planting bulbs, don't forget that you can add a splash of lively color to your home by planting bulbs indoors. The most popular candidates for this are paperwhite narcissus, perhaps because all they need is water and sunlight - no dirt is required.

When you're choosing the bulbs, think too about color and size of the blooms; there should be photos of the flowers next to the bin of bulbs For the most part, smaller bulbs produce flowers that bloom earlier in the spring, and the flowers are small, like snow-on-the-mountain or crocus. The larger bulbs, such as tulips, bloom later and produce larger blooms. Make sure the bulbs are firm, clean, and free of mold.

For more information, go to, for more information regarding bulbs and indoor plantings.

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