Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's happening with the 11th Street Bridges and the Southeast/Southwest Freeway??

There seems to be various issues, and certainly discontent regarding the development of the 11th Street Bridges, including connectors to the Southeast/Southwest freeway with North and South bound DC 295 and Kenilworth Ave., Barney Circle development and the proposed 11th street Bridge Connector, community input (or lack there of), design-builder selection[s] (general contractor), funding, health issues, environmental impact, historical impact, and adjacent developments that will further impact communities on both sides of the Anacostia River.

In the immediate future, the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) action items for its September 3, 2009 meeting, includes an item (File #6951/6955) that will transfer jurisdiction of a portion of Anacostia Park (1.5 acres) U.S. Reservation 343D from the National Park Service to the District of Columbia. To access the staff recommendation, please click on the following site: NCPC Staff Recommendation for a detail account of the 11th Street Replacement Project.

This blog will provide a running account of the progress of the projects and allow for dialogue to be posted in real time.

The Penn Branch Citizens Civic Association is very interested in the development of this project, as it will have an extraordinary impact on various elements relative to the growth of the Pennsylvania Ave.-east-of- the-river corridor.

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