Tuesday, September 15, 2009

National Capital Planning Commission recent decision regarding the 11th Street Bridge

As was mentioned in the Sept. 1, 2009 post, the National Capitol Planning Commission (NCPC) transferred jurisdiction of a vital plot of land for the development of the 11th Street Bridge/I395 (I695) connector. The following is a synopsis of the proceeding from NCPC's September 3, 2009 meeting.

"11th Street Bridge Replacement and Related Transfer of Jurisdiction of a Portion of Anacostia Park

(File Number 6951/6955)

The Commission reviewed the concept design submitted by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to replace the 40 year old 11th Street bridges that cross the Anacostia River. DDOT plans to construct two new bridges, one for freeway traffic and one for local traffic. In order to accommodate new ramp configurations, the Commission approved the transfer of land of approximately 1.5 acres of Reservation 343D (Anacostia Park) from the National Park Service to the District of Columbia.

The proposed bridge replacement project seeks to improve connections between I-695 (the Southeast/Southwest Freeway) and I-295 (the Anacostia Freeway). It would eliminate structural deficiencies and provide needed enhancements to the bridge and approach ramp structures. It is designed to reduce congestion, improve traffic mobility and traffic safety, and provide alternative emergency routes.

The local bridge would provide a 14’ wide shared-use path for walking, jogging, and bicycling and be built with tracks to permit a streetcar route in the future. The proposal includes components to accommodate overhead wires.

In addition to approving the land transfer, NCPC voiced support for the replacement of the existing bridges as well as for the city’s streetcar initiative. However, it noted concern about the use of an overhead wire system within the historic Washington City (L’Enfant City) and Georgetown because of its conflict with a federal law that maintains the unobstructed views to important landmarks along city streets and avenues that are integral to the capital’s unique character. The Commission action also reflected the District’s commitment to study the potential environmental impacts of the proposed city-wide streetcar system in an Environmental Impact Statement.

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