Sunday, February 7, 2010

Post Storm Snow Removal Alert - February 7,2010


For Immediate Release

February 7, 2010

Media Contact: Mafara Hobson, EOM 202-727-2807

Karyn Le Blanc, DDOT 202-497-4572

Linda Grant, DPW 202-671-2375

District Crews Ready for All-Out Approach to Clear City Streets

With Storm System Gone Crews Move into All Areas

Motorists and Pedestrians Asked to Remain Off Streets

While Crews Work to Remove Snow

(Washington, D.C.) – Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, along with DDOT Director Gabe Klein, and DPW Director William O. Howland, Jr. spent time with District crews this morning to thank them for their efforts thus far in combating snow accumulations, some up to 26 inches, resulting from the massive storm that moved through the region this weekend.

“The crews are headed into their fifth shift this morning and have a lot of work ahead of them over the next few days, said Mayor Fenty. “I want to thank them for all their efforts so far and let everyone know they have the city’s appreciation and support behind them as they continue to clear and remove the snow.”

The Mayor and Directors also provided updates for snow removal plans now that the massive snow storm has moved out of the DC area. The storm dumped nearly 26 inches of snow in the District and crews are out in full force.

Nearly 270 pieces of equipment will continue to work in 12-hour shifts plowing, salting, and treating District roadways. DDOT and DPW have had 750 employees working throughout the storm and those crews will continue as removal efforts are underway.

“We had to focus all our efforts on maintaining the major roadways and highways,” said DPW Director Howland. “Keeping those main routes passable allowed emergency response teams and our own crews access to the city during the height of the storm. Having those streets passable will now provide the access we need to get to the residential streets.”

There are a number of key concerns and messages the District crews will need to contend with and the Mayor and Directors are asking residents and business owners to do their parts as well.

“Residents and property owners need to clear their sidewalks so pedestrians can get off the main roadways while our crews are out plowing streets,” said DDOT Director Klein. “It is unsafe for people to be walking in the streets while over 250 trucks move about the city. We really need people to step up and assist in clearing public walkways.”

Property owners have 8 hours after the end of a storm to clear sidewalks. Residents are reminded to please assist elderly and disabled neighbors. Also, take time when clearing sidewalks and take breaks when needed.

District officials also asked people to continue to stay off the roads in order to let crews full access to the roadways.

· Residents should call the Mayor’s Call Center at 311 for non life-threatening situations and service requests and allow crews ample time to clear city streets once the storm has finished before requesting a plow on residential streets.

· Following the storm, immediately clear snow around fire hydrants and catch basins.

· Clear around drains on private property to allow proper drainage of water.

· When shoveling snow do not shovel the snow into the sidewalk or street. Put snow in the tree boxes or back on properties.

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