Sunday, December 27, 2009

11th Street Bridge Project to Begin

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11th Street Bridge Project Construction to Begin
On or about Tuesday, December 29, 2009, contractors will begin 11th Street Bridge Project construction activities, which may be noticeable to area residents and businesses but ultimately result in a number of important benefits.

Initial work will include pile driving in the Anacostia River to construct foundations for three new bridges - one for local and two for freeway traffic. Barrier placement, off-roadway clearing, and drainage work is also to begin adjacent to both directions of DC 295, later resulting in shoulder encroachments and minor lane shifts. Eventually, land-side pile driving on both sides of the river will be required to construct new connecting ramps and improve the highway. To minimize impacts, noise and vibration levels will be monitored at all times.
The new bridges will be constructed between the existing bridges, which are projected to serve almost 180,000 vehicles per day by 2030, allowing contractors to maintain all existing travel movements and 12-foot travel lanes except during approved work in off-peak travel hours.
In addition, contractors will practice good neighbor construction by establishing designated haul routes, having most materials delivered via the river or highway, controlling dust, and requiring that workers not park on neighborhood streets.

Scheduled for completion in mid-2013, the $300 million project will:
  • Improve mobility by providing separate freeway and local traffic connections to both directions of DC 295, the Southeast-Southwest Expressway, and local streets on both sides of the Anacostia River;
  • Provide a shared path for pedestrians and bicycles, as well as rails to allow future streetcar connections;
  • Replace the existing functionally deficient and structurally obsolete bridges;
  • Provide an additional alternate evacuation route from our Nation's capital, and;
  • Include new trail connections, improved drainage, and other environmental investments.
The 11th Street Bridge Project and District Department of Transportation regret any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding during construction.
For more information, please call Public Information Manager Bryon Johnston
at 202-484-2330, Ext. 137 or email

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